Testday at Zandvoort with Grac MT14

We had a great testday at Zandvoort on the 14th of May with our Grac MT14. Some very minor issues to solve but we learned a lot while the day progressed. Next stop Spa Summer Classic and

A310 V6 Rally car

New in our collection is this A310. We are going to do some rallying in 2021. We keep you updated. Pictures Geert Langelaan


Formidable………. Can you say that when you have a broken gearbox on lap 5 in the first race. Yes we can because we know that all the changes to the car that we made this summer worked.

Equipejaronn at Montlhery 50 ans de Formule France

Festival 50 ANS de Formule France, Montlhéry 2 en 3 juni 2018. De betonbaan onder me zegt “kedeng kedeng” en inderdaad, een mooi biljartlaken is het zeker niet meer. Maar ik blijf toch vol het gaspedaal naar

Dijon Motors Cup 2017 – 6-8 october

What a weekend, one to remember. Racing with the F3 and Alpine in one weekend is busy but also joyfull. It was one big smile on the face the whole weekend. phenq reviews 2019, phenq coupon codes,

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort – F3 Classic – 2/3 september 2017

It was our first race with the ex Jacques Laffite / Jean Pierre Paoli Martini MK12 from 1973. In a field of 33 Formula 3 cars we had a lot of fun with our new car. Victory

Copenhagen Historic 2017 – 5th/6th August – Top weekend for Equipejaronn

A topweekend for Equipejaronn at the main Copenhagen event of the year, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Through the streets of this beautifull town Randall scored in the final of the Historik 86 class a 4th place. And

Martini MK12 Formule 3 ex Jacques Laffite / Jean Pierre Paoli

New in our garage the Martini MK12 #003, ex Jacques Laffite, ex Paoli, Formula 3 1973   #003 – Winner of Trophee d’Auvergne 1973 Laffite   French Championship Formula 3 1973 Martini MK12 chassis 003 Jacques Laffite

Grand Prix Historique de France 1 et 2 Juillet 2017

Our shortest raceweekend ever. That is what you can say of our weekend at Grand Prix Historique de France 2017. 2 laps in Free practice that was all. Big engine failure made us an spectator. But we

Hockenheim Historic, Jim Clark Revival 2017

Hockenheim Historic 22-24 April 2017 Circuit: Hockenheim, Germany What a weekend we had at Hockenheim. Beautifull atmosphere, beautifull racing and the Alpine in a startfield with BMW M1, Porsches and even a GR V Ford Capri. A